Quarter Jar Charity


Almost everyone has a quarter jar of some sort. It is the simplest container to hold loose change or to start saving towards something that is within reach. The Quarter Jar Charity has been established by Snappydog Salsa in an effort to give to those foundations near to our hearts. With many family members including our own daughter, who experiences a very painful disease called hereditary pancreatitis. We have seen a lot of triumphs and tribulations during the many hospital stays and surgeries over the years. Despite the many challenges, we feel there is hope for making things better. These experiences have led to us wanting to give back as much as possible. Hence, The Quarter Jar Charity. For every product purchased on our website, we will deposit 25 cents into The Quarter Jar Charity account.

Much research has been done with recent developments offering alternative treatments to those suffering from Hereditary Pancreatitis, Pancreatic cancer as well as other diseases related to the pancreas. In addition to supporting the University of MN Medical Center and the National Pancreas Foundation for their continual research programs, we plan to contribute to other fundraising opportunities such as the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis MN. Some families are faced with the most challenging issues ever when their child is diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Just having a hospital room with special amenities such as a ''real'' bed for mom or dad to sleep on or a computer to stay connected with friends and family can make a world of difference. We hope you will enjoy our products and feel great about the support you are giving to make life a little better for those who face the challenges of a life long disease. We do this for our friends, families, and those special we have met along the way.

In loving memory of Charles M Marthaler